Impossible Made Possible

Rock climbing requires a certain type of person with a particular type of mindset. The mental and of course physical challenges that face anyone mid climb would be insurmountable for most people, but the type of person determined to ascend or traverse a face of rock is typically not a regular run of the mill type. The very things that inspire some of these people to do what it is they do is that they have a somewhat rebellious streak in them and they are capable of focusing their self worth on a single task, thus the very foundations of their personality lie in them being able to successfully complete these tasks i.e. make it to the top. A fantastic starting point for many people who have accomplished what many have previously deemed unachievable is simply that, these efforts are called impossible. And so, bringing forth all the personalities who decide to put everything on the line to prove that not only was it possible, but they were able to achieve it no matter what. These are some of the most challenging places ever taken up by climbers and therefore these spots become a focus for people out to prove something to the world and themselves.

El Capitan

As it lurches over the stunning nature below, this huge vertical cliff face in the Yosemite’s of California has been a focus for climbers for a very long time. The impressive height and sheer drop here is nothing short of deadly for anyone who fell from up there. Because of its infamous difficulty it has been a sought-after goal for thrill seekers everywhere and thus has been bested several times now, being the location of many climbing films.

Warm Light on Horsetail Fall

Helmcken Falls

In Canada’s British Columbia region there is a wonderful waterfall called Helmcken Falls where the water bursts from what seems to be a cutaway of the earth. This spherical hole makes for a very dramatic landscape and thus attracts all of the usual climbing folk. In the winter however this already monumental climb becomes even more treacherous as the rocky drops get coated with white. Often called the hardest ice climb in the world, this circular array of cliffs is covered in slippery ice, crumbling snow and knife-like icicles. Yet despite all of this, climbers have tackled the terrain here and made it from start to finish in one piece.

Cerro Torre

Located in the ice fields of Patagonia in South America, this impressive shard looks huge no matter where you look at it from. There is little other than a climb straight upward here with very little texture that could be used for footholds and rest points. Because of this it was thought that nobody could climb to its peak. Yet in the 60’s climbers began to test this. Now with several notable climbs down in the record books this great beast was eventually bested completely in 2013 when the mountain was climbed Free Solo by Markus Pucher. Thus, proving that nothing is truly impossible.