How Climbing Became So Popular – Part 2

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Not only have cameras in phones hugely shifted the way that climbing is filmed, but the techniques of professionals have come in leaps and bounds too. From clunky studio cameras that have to be on tracks, to digital, highly portable equipment that can capture every moment of climbing with fantastic quality. In the past filmmakers and TV shows used to show climbing primary through the lens of an action sport, it was all wide shots and cool angles that went to exaggerate just how small climbers were to their environment and no doubt show how drastic the heights were. Helicopter shots gave aerial footage, they shot the scale from the ground and usually fabricated most of the actual climb. This was a great way to attract adrenaline junkies but no doubt sacred a few people straight as shows like Survivor and movies like Cliffhanger showed climbing as nothing short of ‘deadly’.

Nowadays with wearable camera technology the stories being told on screen are actually showing the perspective of the climbers. Personal and grueling tales are shown to millions on Youtube for free as popular climbers slap a camera to their chest and ascend cliff faces without a moment being missed. With reality TV now hugely popular these far more human centered versions of climbing are sweeping up viewers who really want to see what it takes to be an excellent climber. This middle part of the journey is now just as important if not more so that the others as the determination, the effort and emotions of those involved are all captured in high definition for all to see.

Hollywood is always churning out new disaster movies and the dangers of climbing aren’t far from the big screen. Along with these intimate portrayals of tight nit groups of friends you may find online, the moviegoers are still getting a dose of those high octane moments that only big production companies can make. Experts versus mother nature, families versus gravity and all other combinations mean that climbing is captivating crowds on both fronts. Despite spooking some in the process, those who do climb are now admired my those versed in the sport and those who have only seen a popcorn flick about it.

A Break from The Norm

As many climbers will tell you, the sport has many benefits for those who truly embrace it. Getting out into nature, fantastic exercise, increasing your perseverance and problem solving skills are just a few. Much of the appeal of climbing comes from its stark contrast with regular life. Repetitive, sedentary, boring, indoor office jobs are the antithesis of everything that happens in climbing and so many people are excited to try something so different. Thanks to developments like climbing walls popping up everywhere, anyone interested can take to climbing with little risk involved and work their way towards something greater, which is the philosophy of climbing. With the impressive adventures of everyone from celebrities to everyday people showing what can be achieved, its no wonder that people are taking time out of their schedule to try something skilful, exhilarating and worth talking about.