Climbing on the Sofa – Part 2

To the Top

This climbing game adds platform elements to create an exciting and exaggerated version of a climbing experience. Putting you in the body of a superhero you will first learn the ropes as you work your way up climbing walls not unlike those you may visit at adventure parks and indoor activity centers. Soon the levels progress from normality into vibrant futuristic settings as you climb not walls but entire buildings. From here things get crazier as you leap from great heights and slide down insane spirals. Mixing the basics of climbing with aspects of parkour and base-jumping, the result is a fantastically fun game that teaches you how to visually problem solve in climbing while inhabiting an extraordinary playground.

Everest VR

This is where we start to move away from classic video game style titles and into more life emulating realism. Everest VR is a walking simulator with other elements that aims to take you from the comfort of your bedroom into the blistering cold of the dangerous mountain. Hear the rapid winds rush past you and the crunch of the snow underneath your feet as you walk between several mountain points stopping to make camp in between. Thanks to its photorealistic environment brought to light with Unreal Technology, everything you see here from your guides’ parka to the gorgeous mountaintop views of the valleys below is all rendered in terrific high definition. This game helps capture the wonder of being atop a natural sight like Everest, using VR to put you right in the middle of a stunning landscape. Though the functional side of climbing isn’t explored much here, the majestic mountain – even in a virtual world – is enough to capture the hearts and minds of thousands players.

The Climb

This is the pinnacle of VR climbing games. Not only does this have the jaw dropping graphics to transport you anywhere but this game is truly about climbing. Firstly, the environments here are gorgeous, you may spend a good amount of your time simply looking around and taking in the once in a lifetime views afforded by your characters position. From  snow capped mountains tops to blissful beach sunsets, you can see nature in all its glory in The Climb. This time fictional adventures are forged into real looking environments for a glorious blend of action, exploration and realism. The climb very early on teaches you how to grab at holds as you make your way up and across cliff faces, what makes this game different is that because it looks so real you will actually be more driven to not fall. Those with a fear of heights may have to pluck up some bravery here as the magic of VR comes to fruition in a way that tricks your brain into believing you could fall. Now compatible with Oculus touch controllers, grabbing ledges and rocks is as natural as clamping your fist shut, which will make the experience even more life like. This game is beautiful, engaging and truly an experience you cant have anywhere else, climbers and non climbers should waste no time in giving this a try.