Climbing on the Sofa – Part 1

Though it doesn’t necessarily make sense, video games and sports are a popular combination. Though the idea of virtual games is to whisk the player away to another world where the rules of reality are shifted, many people enjoy performing regular day-to-day activities through a controller instead of their body. Rock climbing is no different, and because of its much riskier elements it actually makes more sense that people would dabble with danger in the safe space of their living room before venturing out. On the other hand, actual rock climbers who simply cant get enough of the mad verticals and crazy views may wish to continue their exploration through a screen. The latest and greatest development in games is of course Virtual Reality, VR makes gaming even more immersive and the heart pumping activity of climbing has become the premise for several games in this medium. Here are some of the most beloved climbing games around for VR, ideal for both climbers and non-climbers.


This is a fun one for all the family. Climbey is a simple looking game with an easy to understand premise, climb to the goal as quickly as possible. With walls and floors all constructed out of checkered blocks and rest of the space an open void, its easy to see where you need to go. You will find yourself leaping over great distances and ascending vertical walls in no time thanks to their uncomplicated gameplay and controls. What’s great about Climbey too is that you can play it competitively. Up to ten players can race to the finish moving one hand over the other all at the same time, giving those unaccustomed to climbing a little bit of healthy competition that will no doubt spur them along the way. The abstract world created here doesn’t really simulate the reality of actual climbing, but it brings a lot of fun which is going to be the foundation of anyone who seeks to take up the sport from here on out.

Freeze Climbing

This is another title that is built around fun more than realism, though it is closer to the real thing than climbey. With its movements inspired by rock climbing, this game puts you in a series of frozen landscapes where jagged edges and odd structures go all the way into the clouds. As you may imaging your job is to reach the very top, and you do this by climbing. Grabbing at ledges however will only get you so far as the icy shards that inhabit much of the game world can’t be grabbed. This is where you will need to pull out your ice axes. Dual wielding these tools allows you to climb surfaces where you simply couldn’t grip, just like in real life. This aspect of moving from rocks to ice is a great way to build a climbing mindset for those who may seek to ascend mountains, alongside this the holds that are evenly spread out help you find a rhythm as you head up.